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More Wasted Money

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Accessories Available

Click any of the below images to order OR simply add to Mod order at time of order. Either way is fine!


10440 Li Protected

$5.99 Ea
This battery works in the Rubicon Cisco Mod.

Protected 10440 Lithium-Ion Battery, 350mAH, 3.7 volts.

These Ultrafire Batteries have been updated with a new grey cover as well as a cleaner overall appearance.

Similar in size to an AAA battery, these are also be very popular for mods..

These batteries are normally 10mm wide, 44mm tall but the protection circuit adds about 2mm making them approximately 46mm tall. At 350mah they will last almost 200% longer than an average e-cig battery. The rating on the battery states 500mah but we feel it's overrated so sell them as a 350mah battery.

Pictures are approximate. Battery labels and colors may vary slightly at times depending on the manufacturer but always high quality, protected and the rated mAH.

Price is per battery!

14500 LI Protected

$5.99 Ea
This battery works well in the "Rubi" 5V Regulated Box Mod OR the 3.7 dual battery version!

Protected 14500 Lithium Ion Battery, 900mAH, 3.7 volts.

 These are one of our favorites to work with because they are just slightly longer than an AA battery they fit a lot of mods as well as most AA battery boxes!

14mm across, 52.5mm tall.

Pictures are approximate. Battery labels and colors may vary slightly at times depending on the manufacturer but always high quality, protected and the rated mah.
Price is per battery!

Atomizers  (We cannot Warranty Atomizers)

510 Standard

$8.00 Ea
Standard resistance avg.

510 LR Atomizer (For Use Only at 3.7 V

$8.00 Ea
Low Resistance Atomizer for the Rubicon Cisco Designed Mod OR the "Rubi" 3.7V Dual Battery Mod Box! Makes a 3.7 Volt device vape like a 5V Device.

801 Standard Resistance Atomizer

$8.00 Ea
Standard Resistance Atomizer for the "Rubi" 5V Mod Box OR the Rubicon Cisco Laser Mod.  Will Require a 510 to *802 adapter as well.

801 LR Atomizer For Use at 3.7 V ONLY

$8.00 Ea.
Low Resistance atomizer for use with the Rubicon Cisco Laser Mod OR
the "Rubi" 3.7V Dual Battery Mod Box.  Do Not use at 5V! Will Require a 510 to *802 adapter as well.

901 Standard Resistance Atomizer

For Use on any of our Mods but will require a 510 to 901 adapter.

901 Low Resistance Atomizer

For use Only at 3.7V like the Rubicon Cisco Laser Mod OR the "Rubi" 3.7V Dual Battery Mod Box! Higher Vapor output but will require the use of a 510 to 901 adapter.


801 Cartomizer (Just In!)

Available in Black OR White, just released and tested! Incredible taste and vapor production on either 3.7V or 5V.  Will require 510 to 801 Connector adapter available below for use with our mods. Try one!
Will work at 3.7V OR 5V!!!!!!! Lotta bang for a little buck!

$3.50 Ea.


510 to 801 Adapter

$3.49 Ea.
Allows 801 Atomizer to be used on any or our 510 ready Mods!

510 to 901 Adapter

$3.49 Ea.
Allows 801 Atomizer to be used on any or our 510 ready Mods!


Payment accepted: Visa, MC, Discover, Personal checks, or Postal Money orders! In the case of Checks or Money Orders, we must ask for time for funds to clear before shipping. If you have any questions about payment please just Contact Us HereThank You!

"Vape On Baby, Vape On!"

The "Rubi" 5V OR 3.7V Box Mod  $49.99

Click Image for more information

The Rubicon Made - Cisco Designed 3.7 Laser Mod $39.99

Click Image for more information

  Best Place to Learn about Electronic
Cigarettes and "Vaping" is at the


Or by Searching YouTube Here!

Why is a Mod Better than most
regular P.V.'s?

  • Much Better Battery Life!

  • Much More Vapor!

  • Easily available parts!

  • No need for on the go charging!

  • No Cut off time!

  • Doesn't look like a fake cigarette!

  • More cost effective!

  • Better life span!



The Rubicon 3.7V Laser Mod - Thanks to Cisco from ECF!!  NOTICE: This IS NOT a Cisco Made Mod! It is made by LeggoMyEars here from Cisco's instructions!

Base Model $39.99 + $7 Shipping = $46.99
Complete Kit Including Mod, 2 Batteries, Charger, 510 Atomizer, Delrin Drip Tip: $64.99 + $7.00 Shipping = $71.99

Reviews: (GrimmGreen for Cisco) and also Leggomyears for the ones made here.


The Rubicon Cisco 3.7 Laser Mod is Small and powerful! It uses a 10440 LI Battery and comes with a 510 sealed connector!
Average battery life has been tested to about 3 to 4 hours with standard atty.  There fore you will need at least 2 batteries to get through your day.  This Mod is super small, easily
carried, and tough as nails!
  IMPORTANT NOTE! Battery must be installed backwards in the Mod due to spring being on the upside (Positive Battery Terminal goes down into cap)! Switch is very positive click "Tactile Type".  No LED on  this one! Just great Vapor! Good to take to dinner or Office! Battery change is simple, quick and easy!  Very handy Mod!


"Rubi" 5V regulated Mod Box  (Also Available in 3.7 dual battery Mod)  Same Price
Base Model $49.99 + $7 Shipping = $56.99
Complete Kit Including Mod, 510 Regular Atomizer, 2 batteries (1 Set), charger, and Delrin Drip Trip: $70.00 + $7 Shipping = $77.00

Reviews: LeggoMyEars

  Based on a standard 5V Mod Box, the "Rubi" 5V Mod Box is highly improved to supply a constant 5V experience at the precise sweet spot that 5V enthusiasts have
found to be near perfect for higher volume vapor and taste!  The Rubi contains an IC Voltage Regulator Circuit that delivers constant voltage to the atomizer. 
It uses 2 14500 900MAH Li Batteries to do this!  The large "Horn Button" actuator is easy to use and conveniently located as well.  (Recently Updated Design) At this time the Rubi is
available only in black and with a 510 atomizer connector.  If you require a different atomizer connector, contact me and I will install the connector you require.  The size of the
Rubi makes it easy to carry and use. Small enough to be convenient yet large enough to pack a 5V Vapor Punch!  The back cover sits in recessed well and is held in place by two
rare earth very powerful magnets. This is an all time favorite of many for obvious reasons! Of the favorite reasons is the ease of use, maintenance, and easy battery changes! If you prefer
a long lasting 3.7 V experience, this Mod can be built for you in a dual 3.7 volt version with two 14500's in parallel.  No need for regulator in that case and performs extremely well with
Low Resistance Atomizer's (3.7 volt model only)

Warning! Do not use Low Resistance Atomizers on the 5V version of this Mod! They will burn out!




Terminology Dictionary

Mod: Modification or high performance device built to achieve a certain thing like Battery Life Increase, Vapor Increase, Voltage Increase.
Atty: Short for Atomizer or the part of an e-cig that vaporizes the liquid nicotine and/or flavorings and water.
Sweet Spot:  A certain voltage that people have found to be the ultimate voltage for Vapor Production and taste without burning the liquid.  This is generaly between 4.5V and 6.0V
VAPE:  Vapor produced by an e-Cigarette
Vaper: A person who Vapes.  Also known as smart people! jk
Drip Tip:  Some Veteran Vapers like to direct drip e-juice directly onto their atomizer coil.  They do not use a cartridge when Direct Dripping (DD).  The Drip Tip is simply a mouthpiece that
                Is open in the middle allowing a Vaper to Direct Drip without removing it.

Contact to Order (Pre Order to be Built and Shipped)

  You must be eighteen (18) years of age, to purchase ANY OF our products. The Rubicon project reserves the right to cancel any transaction where it reasonably believes the purchaser is EITHER NOT OF THE REQUIRED LEGAL AGE OR purchasing products on behalf of a minor.


Disclaimer:  This site and organization makes no claims as to e-cigarette use being in any way a smoking cessation method!  We do however believe that it is a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes!  If you are a Non-Smoker or under the legal age to smoke in your state, please do not use the products listed on this page.  E-Cigarettes do contain Nicotine and should never be used or considered by a non-smoker!