VapeTalk - How to Block UStream Ads

Tired of Ustream Ads blocking your view of our cams?

My first and the most correct thing to do is to suggest you simply
pay the lil ol $3.99 a month that UStream asked for you to go "Ad Free"

But, there are other options like the one below

Here's a simple and effective way to block them using your Host file. This instruction works for Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7

On your computer, go to (or click the link or copy and paste into your browser's address bar)
Right click on the file named "Hosts" and select Open.
In the next window select Notepad as the program you want to open it with.

With the Hosts file open it should look similar this:

Make a Back up Copy of your Host File NOW and name it something like HostBACKUP

CCopy and paste this to the end of your Hosts file:****

After you have pasted it to your Hosts file it should look like this:

Now click on File, then Save on your Hosts file. Close and reopen your browser and come back to
and hopefully those annoying ads will be gone. Note that this should also block them on Stickam and UStream too!