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Vaping Techniques
(Manual Battery)

   Vaping techniques vary from user to user and e-Cig model to model.  There are a lot of factors such as Vape Volume produced, the users ability to handle stronger throat hits, and personal tastes.

   My Technique using a Rubicon 3.7 with a low resistance 801 atomizer from Bauway.
   With a mod like the Rubicon 3.7 or any device that utilizes a big battery, the production of vapor is very fast especially with a low resistance atomizer.  So a primer puff to get the atomizer started isn't necessary.  My developed technique is to press the button and pull into my mouth a small puff, then release the button and inhale.  Then I press the button again and inhale a bigger puff and release the button.  This entire process takes no longer total than 4 seconds.  With the break in between the 1st and 2nd puff, the atty has a chance to cool just a little.  With low resistance attys, heat is the primary cause of failure.  Extended button down use will do several things. Burn out the atty much faster, burn the juice, and destroy the great flavor!  So keep off the button until you need the heat. In between puffs, there is no need for the button to be pressed, so why do it? 

With a standard atty and standard battery, this is far less likely to be a factor. So the technique is different and the previous technique will not produce the vapor needed for most models and most users.  In this case, I press the button and take a 2 second primer puff, still holding down the button, I inhale and take several very slow and long puffs to get the vapor I need. Then release the button and inhale whatever is there.   Your usage may vary and this is simply a suggested method.  Bear in mind, if the button is pressed two things are happening. 1st, the battery is draining, and 2nd, the atty is creating heat.  If your atty becomes overly hot to the touch, get off of it for a few minutes and let it cool down. 

If you do not feel that the vapor production of your device is sufficient for you to be satisfied, move up to a big battery mod in 3.7V.  Not only will the vapor production increase, so will the battery life!  Most e-Cigs kit batteries will last a few hours at the most before changing batteries or charging.  Big battery 3.7 mods usually, in most cases will perform all day! 

Next step is to get a low resistance atomizer. (When you are ready)  This increases vapor production by double, however, there is a cost!!!!!  Low resistance atomizers have very short lives especially if the user is button heavy and overheats them constantly.  That's why I said, when you are ready at the beginning of this line. Low Resistance atomizers are best used by advanced users who understand how to use them properly, efficiently, and sparingly.

Next step is High Voltage Mod.  In my opinion 4.8V to 5V is the real "Sweet Spot" for vapor production and flavor.  You cannot use a low resistance atomizer above 3.7 volts so you need a 5 volt device and a standard atomizer for this BUT....the vape is incredible from 4.8 to 5.0 volts!  Again, there is a slightly different Vaping Technique here as well. If you are vaping at 5 volts, there really is little need for a primer puff.  Vape similarly to the low resistance 3.7V atomizers with big batteries. Start by pressing the button and taking a puff, release the button and inhale. Hold it and press the button again and take your finish puff. Release the button and inhale.  This works for me and I get billowy clouds of vapor every time. 

My atomizers last and last.  I do believe that there are some faulty atomizers out there but in most cases, atomizer failure is caused by people who have not read this article or one like it! Not trying to be a know-it-all, but it's just common physics! (I Cannot build a rocket!)

A word about cleaning:  DON'T unless absolutely necessary! (OK maybe that's 4 words!)

  I only clean an atomizer when it begins to taste bad after running it a little dry or with a juice that burns easily. Once they cool, and only if the bad, burnt, taste is still there with fresh juice, do I EVER clean an atty! There are a thousand ways to clean attys. I have found that soaking in water with an Efferdent Denture Cleaner tablet overnight and then drying thoroughly and naturally  is the best way to clean one. After the soak, I blow it out and sit it on a paper towel (Top Down) all day until totally dry. If there is time always allow 24 hours drying time! Water is an enemy! Then reprime and vape!  If bad taste is still there,...file 13 it or keep for parts.

I really Hope the above info is of help to you! And if you do have a question, even if it does not relate to my products, don't be embarrassed to ask me!  I am here to help anyone I can!

As always - Keep On Vaping!


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